onMRK photography

onMRK photography was officially launched in 2014 by three long time friends: Motoo, Ricky, and Kevin in a bar not too far from our old college stomping ground. The roots of the operation are embedded with over 20 years of friendship. And throughout this time we have individually developed our own style and passion for photography. We take photos because we love doing it and we hope that you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating it. The approach we take is fun and easy going and we take pride not only in our work and professionalism but also in creating that moment with you. When you give us that opportunity to come into your life and capture those moments, you become more than just a client, your moments are now in our hands and we take that seriously!  

Our mission is to capture the moments in your life in a way you will remember them as THE moments in your life!   Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve a photo session!  




Motoo Saito

Ricky Chan

Kevin Chan